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Dominant Scat Mistresses and their human toilets.

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Mistress Gaia had heard her friends talk about scat fetish and how it was fun. She had never tried it before so she planned to try it. She rented a slave and she tried it on him. She had him lie down and she used an improvised toilet seat to shit on the slave. It was weird at first but as she went on, she became more comfortable and enjoyed as she humiliated and degraded him.

Shit fetish is loved by many mistresses but they all go about it differently. This mistress prefers to eat her shit and to enjoy her shit fetish alone as opposed to making someone else eat her shit. That is how she prefers it. Today she had time on her hands and she spent the time kinkily shitting and smearing it all over herself and even eating some of the shit.

This mistress did not like what this loser did. She had sent him but he had forgotten all that she had sent him and did not do what she wanted. She had to punish him as she did not want it to be done again. So she trampled him with her ass before she shit on him. She wanted the punishment to be severe and to be the first and last one.

To make sure that their relationship never went stale, this husband and wife decided to try out different fetishes together. The mistress decided to have them try shit fetish first. She undressed and shit on a paper and gave him to eat. It was hard at first but she got used to it and she enjoyed making him eat her poop as well as drinking his pee. It was lots of fun.

Before these mistresses decided to degrade their slave further, they first of all made sure they publicly humiliated him. They made him walk naked and exposed his small weiner for every one to see. Then they made him lie down on the train tracks naked and they pissed and shit into his open mouth. They did not care who saw them. They just wanted to teach the guy a lesson.

Tina was a first timer in scat fetish. But she humiliated her slave so perfectly you would be forgiven to think that he was not a first timer

Alexa watched a child poop on himself and she wondered what it would feel like if she did. She then pooped on herself and played with her shit

Jae is a sexy mistress. She's fly and all but she has a dirty little secret. She likes poop and she enjoys playing with it. Actually, she likes to shit on herself

Oh no - my stomach is hurting! I know that I have to shit very soon! But what can I do...? I try to reach the bathroom in time, lower my pants - but then... It was only a small distance to the toilet, but I decided to shit on the ground instead! As you can see I unloaded a huge pile of soft shit! Puhh, that feels so much better now! But don't believe that I will go to the toilet next time - because YOU will become my toilet instead...!

Wow, this girl looks amazing! She has a very sexy body! And you are allowed to be her human toilet! You will get her divine shit and you have to eat everything! After the dinner she cannot hold it any longer and has to visit you. She tells you to open your mouth wide so she can shit direct into it! It is a very long and big load of shit - but you have to handle it...!

Mistress Gaia
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