Femdom Scat Mistress

Dominant Scat Mistresses and their human toilets.

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Mistress Michelle was not in a good mood. She had had a nasty day and when she came home, her slave was nagging her and being a nuisance. Without thinking twice, the mistress turned him into her human toilet and shit on him while she was working on her laptop. She ensured he ate all of it before she told him not to disturb her again if he did not want to be humiliated and punished.

You are such an asshole! I really need to go to the toilet - but you tell me that you won't allow me to do so. I beg you! But you still don't allow me to go to the toilet. I try to keep the shit and pee inside of me - but it will become more and more difficult... and then it happens! Just because of you I have to poop right inside my panties - you bastard! Just look at all the mess! Are you satisfied now...?

Mistress Gaia
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