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Dominant Scat Mistresses and their human toilets.

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Mistress Gaia had heard her friends talk about scat fetish and how it was fun. She had never tried it before so she planned to try it. She rented a slave and she tried it on him. She had him lie down and she used an improvised toilet seat to shit on the slave. It was weird at first but as she went on, she became more comfortable and enjoyed as she humiliated and degraded him.

Miss Jane caught her slave having sex in her house and she could not allow it. She called her friend to help her punish her slave. The two mistresses forced the slave to eat their shit. He had no choice but to do what they had told him. He ate all of her shit and she was surprised at how he ate all of it without any questions or complaints.

Mistress Isabella had a bone to pick with this loser. She was not happy with the kind of work he had done and she had to make him redo the work. She did not want him to do the kind of work he had done so she forced him to eat her shit so as to know that she meant business. He had no choice but to eat her shit.

This slave was always used to heavy breakfasts and other great meals. But because he has not been behaving well and doing his work on time and giving out the best work, the mistress decided to show him what the consequences of his actions were. She called her friend and they shit into plates and pissed into glasses and served them with their order. They were done and went away to drink.

Mistress Gaia was feeling naughty. Whenever she felt that, she knew she had to do something to make it all ok. So she decided to go on with her scat fetish. She went to the toilet and locked herself. She started to shit and enjoyed the feeling. But recorded herself doing it and it felt naughtier. She loved it and did it till she could not do it any more.

Before these mistresses decided to degrade their slave further, they first of all made sure they publicly humiliated him. They made him walk naked and exposed his small weiner for every one to see. Then they made him lie down on the train tracks naked and they pissed and shit into his open mouth. They did not care who saw them. They just wanted to teach the guy a lesson.

This couple had an extreme bet. Whoever won would do anything he or she wanted to the other. This mistress won it and she made her boyfriend eat her poop

Lady Milena wants to be known as the best mistress when it comes to scat fetishes. To prove a point, she took her slave and degraded him by using him as her ashtray and shitting into his mouth

These mistresses were bored and wanted to try new stuff. One of them suggested scat fetish and they agreed. They took turns shitting into each other's mouths

The human toilet slave will be used first time. He is a little bit excited but the ladies will take care of him very soon... They are still eating some nice stuff - and some time later they have to take a shit! Now it is the time to check his shit eating abilities! They are not so sure that he can handle the shit of three ladies but they will try it anyway! This is only the beginning - lot of more shit will follow every day from now on...!

Mistress Gaia
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