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Mistress Kimi is not your average mistress. She has her most fun whenever she is torturing a guy. She loves her shit fetish especially and whenever she is torturing a guy, she will use it in combination with another method. Today she forced this loser to eat her shit and swallow all of it. He was lucky she was tired and did not have the strength to do anything else to him.

This mistress did not like what this loser did. She had sent him but he had forgotten all that she had sent him and did not do what she wanted. She had to punish him as she did not want it to be done again. So she trampled him with her ass before she shit on him. She wanted the punishment to be severe and to be the first and last one.

Mistress Rosella is a cruel one by any standards. And she is proud of her cruelty. If anyone messes with her, he or she only has himself or herself to blame. She would literally torture the guy and make sure he or she has the worst time ever. Today she made this guy eat her shit and when she was done with him, she forced him to drink her pee as well.

Mistress Gaia has always had a thing for shit. She has watched lots of shit fetish videos and she has grown to love them. It was her time to try them out and she was a bit nervous. But all that she had seen and all that was in her head made her a pro before she even tried anything. She tried it on a slave and she did very well.

Miss Jane wanted to use the bathroom to humiliate and degrade this loser. This is because in the shower, it would stink more. Then after that, she can easily wash herself after he had finished licking her ass. She called her friend to watch what the slave was doing. When she was done, she told her slave to clean up all the mess that she had left in the bathroom.

This mistress is always interested in how she is having fun and not whether she is humiliating or having someone else lick her asshole or eat her shit. She likes the scat fetish for her. Not for a slave or a loser. That is why she likes to take close up photos and videos of herself shitting. They are so clear and so close up that you can see the pores on her ass' skin.

Isabella was asked by her friend to punish her slave. She made her lie down and used her as a human toilet

These mistresses were bored and wanted to try new stuff. One of them suggested scat fetish and they agreed. They took turns shitting into each other's mouths

Wow, this girl looks amazing! She has a very sexy body! And you are allowed to be her human toilet! You will get her divine shit and you have to eat everything! After the dinner she cannot hold it any longer and has to visit you. She tells you to open your mouth wide so she can shit direct into it! It is a very long and big load of shit - but you have to handle it...!

This is Tina's second shit clip ever! The day before she started to record her shitting and now you can see her improvement! Her stomach has produced a very thin and long sausage which flows out of her asshole now - right into the mouth of the stupid human toilet! He has to open his mouth wide to handle such a huge amount of shit! But he better do a good job - or he will be punished soon...!

Mistress Gaia
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