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Mistress Gaia has always had a thing for shit. She has watched lots of shit fetish videos and she has grown to love them. It was her time to try them out and she was a bit nervous. But all that she had seen and all that was in her head made her a pro before she even tried anything. She tried it on a slave and she did very well.

Mistress Gaia was feeling naughty. Whenever she felt that, she knew she had to do something to make it all ok. So she decided to go on with her scat fetish. She went to the toilet and locked herself. She started to shit and enjoyed the feeling. But recorded herself doing it and it felt naughtier. She loved it and did it till she could not do it any more.

Wow, this vacation is amazing! It is some time ago I was on vacation last time and I really needed this one! But before going out and enjoy the coming of the new year I have to take a shit - maybe the last one in this year! I am sure you want to join me, won't you...? Then come a little bit closer, open your mouth and let's start! I wish you a happy new year! :-D

Do you want to have a quickie? Do you like it fast and intensive? Then this clip is exactly the one you will need! Mistress Gaia will shit for you - and she will shit fast! You can watch her beautiful crap coming out of her delicious asshole very fast. And of course you are allowed to clean her butt too! So better be very fast buying this clip too...!!

Mistress Gaia is a very sexy mistress. Her face is beautiful and you can only guess who she is. But of course the rest of her body is also sexy! She looks like a goddess! And you have the privilege to watch her shitting in her own pantyhose! She spreads the shit on her hot ass. The divine butt of Mistress Gaia looks so amazing with so much scat covering it...! Don't miss this hot show!

Mistress Gaia
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