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Dominant Scat Mistresses and their human toilets.

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This slave was always used to heavy breakfasts and other great meals. But because he has not been behaving well and doing his work on time and giving out the best work, the mistress decided to show him what the consequences of his actions were. She called her friend and they shit into plates and pissed into glasses and served them with their order. They were done and went away to drink.

This mistress is always interested in how she is having fun and not whether she is humiliating or having someone else lick her asshole or eat her shit. She likes the scat fetish for her. Not for a slave or a loser. That is why she likes to take close up photos and videos of herself shitting. They are so clear and so close up that you can see the pores on her ass' skin.

Lady Milena was curious about how shit was when she ate something. She made her slave taste it every time she shit and tell him the difference

Hello sweety! I know that you like stockings, don't you...? And I know that you like shit! So today I'm fulfilling your deepest dreams and... I start with pissing until my pee is everywhere! Then I started to release my shit too. It comes right out of my asshole. The stockings prevent my shit from coming out that easily - but I start to rub it all over me and at the ground by myself. What a messy clip! And YOU have to clean up everything after she had enough fun! Of course - with your tongue only, stupid bitch!!

Wow, this is really hard to believe! But the slave was so keen that I had to serve him some more scat. I didn't want to wait him any longer and so I lowered my hot ass above his head, ordered him to open his mouth - and started shitting right into it! I'm mistress Isabella - and I show no mercy! So finally it was a happy end - at least for me...! *g*

Mistress Gaia
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