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Dominant Scat Mistresses and their human toilets.

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Mistress Isabella caught this guy spying on her and she had to show him what she does to spies. She turned him into her human toilet and made him eat a load of crap. She ensured the huge pile of shit that left her asshole found its way to her ass and that he ate all of it. Then she sarcastically told him to go on with his spying mission.

This mistress was so pressed. She wanted to take a shit but her slave was in the bathroom and she could not use it. He overstayed and she had to take a dump. So she took it on his bed. She waited for him to come out of the toilet and she made him clean up after her as he was the one who made her shit on his bed in the first place.

Mistress Kim felt like having fun with her shit fetish. But she did not want to have it with her slave the way other people do. She just went to her bathroom and she had fun taking a dump there. She filmed herself doing it and she had a lot of fun. She pissed as well and had fun inspecting her shit and doing all sorts of things to it.

Mistress Isabella had a bone to pick with this loser. She was not happy with the kind of work he had done and she had to make him redo the work. She did not want him to do the kind of work he had done so she forced him to eat her shit so as to know that she meant business. He had no choice but to eat her shit.

This mistress is hot and knows it. She knows many men are after her ass and she does not let anyone tap it for less than she knows it is worth. Today she wanted to make this guy an offer. If he managed to endure all she threw at him, she would fuck his brains out. He agreed and had to endure the mistress shitting on his face and making him swallow it.

This mistress has a great ass. But she also has a weird fetish. She has a poo fetish and likes to take POV videos of herself shitting

Mistress Gaia wanted to piss on her slave, but she ended up shitting on him instead. It was great nonetheless

It is bad enough to be degraded, but it is even worse when it is two mistresses. This loser was supposed to be beaten up but the mistresses decided to instead shit and pee on him

These mistresses were bored and wanted to try new stuff. One of them suggested scat fetish and they agreed. They took turns shitting into each other's mouths

Mistress Gaia
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