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Mistress Isabella caught this guy spying on her and she had to show him what she does to spies. She turned him into her human toilet and made him eat a load of crap. She ensured the huge pile of shit that left her asshole found its way to her ass and that he ate all of it. Then she sarcastically told him to go on with his spying mission.

Mistress Isabella had a bone to pick with this loser. She was not happy with the kind of work he had done and she had to make him redo the work. She did not want him to do the kind of work he had done so she forced him to eat her shit so as to know that she meant business. He had no choice but to eat her shit.

Mistress Isabella likes to degrade slaves whom she does not have an association with. She knows or sees that they are fair game and she likes to make them her bitches. She is not the most subtle or gentle mistress. She likes to humiliate and shit on her slaves and make them miserable so that she can be happy. Their misery and pain or torture is always her best time.

Isabella was asked by her friend to punish her slave. She made her lie down and used her as a human toilet

Isabella is a sadistic mistress. She does not care about her slaves and the pain and misery she puts them through like when she shits into their mouths and orders them to swallow

Isabella does not like slaves who are rude. She had to teach this one manners. She took her toilet chair and used sat on it then shit into his mouth and made him eat it

Wow, this is really hard to believe! But the slave was so keen that I had to serve him some more scat. I didn't want to wait him any longer and so I lowered my hot ass above his head, ordered him to open his mouth - and started shitting right into it! I'm mistress Isabella - and I show no mercy! So finally it was a happy end - at least for me...! *g*

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