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Dominant Scat Mistresses and their human toilets.

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This couple had an extreme bet. Whoever won would do anything he or she wanted to the other. This mistress won it and she made her boyfriend eat her poop

It is bad enough to be degraded, but it is even worse when it is two mistresses. This loser was supposed to be beaten up but the mistresses decided to instead shit and pee on him

This mistress did not have food to give her slave. But she felt like shitting. She got an idea to feed him shit and that is what she did

When it comes to being extreme, no one can take the crown from this mistress. She inserted shit into her pussy and had fun pushing it out

Isabella does not like slaves who are rude. She had to teach this one manners. She took her toilet chair and used sat on it then shit into his mouth and made him eat it

What do you think...? Do you really believe that we are interested in YOUR feelings...? That's pathetic!! We want thing only: Fun! And we have lot of fun if you are going to do whatever we want you to do... especially when you do some very nasty and disgusting things - like eating our shit! :-D Don't try to resist - because we will force you to do so! There will be NO escape, you are helpless now...! And be honest: That's exactly what you like, loser...!!!

Do you like dominant girls...? Of course you do! And I'm sure you also like shit! Otherwise you wouldn't be here, would you...!? so watch carefully! Because Lady Amira is a very special girl! She has soo much shit inside her ass that it is hard to believe that she filled the whole plate with it - but she did! The shit is very big! Now it's your time... come and eat everything from the plate, stupid shit eater!!

Our pregnant best friend is very interested in all kinds of stuff. We told her that it is so much fun to use a human toilet and shit right into the mouth of such a useless pig - and she wanted to try it out herself! The human toilet is fed with our shit every day - but the pregnant girl's shit seems to be something special! Not only her stomach is big - the scat sausage coming out of her asshole is very big too!

This stupid idiot! He really needs some more training! So I brought my toilet slave to Miss Flower and hoped that she can train him well. She is a very dominant and sadistic mistress! She doesn't like jokes - and so the slave has a tough time! While she enjoys sitting and shitting right into his mouth she also crushes his small and useless dick! I'm sure the slave learnt a lot after this session...!

Wow, this is really hard to believe! But the slave was so keen that I had to serve him some more scat. I didn't want to wait him any longer and so I lowered my hot ass above his head, ordered him to open his mouth - and started shitting right into it! I'm mistress Isabella - and I show no mercy! So finally it was a happy end - at least for me...! *g*

Mistress Gaia
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