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Dominant Scat Mistresses and their human toilets.

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Before these mistresses decided to degrade their slave further, they first of all made sure they publicly humiliated him. They made him walk naked and exposed his small weiner for every one to see. Then they made him lie down on the train tracks naked and they pissed and shit into his open mouth. They did not care who saw them. They just wanted to teach the guy a lesson.

Tina was a first timer in scat fetish. But she humiliated her slave so perfectly you would be forgiven to think that he was not a first timer

This mistress had diarrhea. She did not care about her health status. She wanted her slave to eat her shit like gravy

This mistress called her friends and let them watch her go hard on this slave. They were surprised when she shit into his mouth but they enjoyed it

Lady Milena was curious about how shit was when she ate something. She made her slave taste it every time she shit and tell him the difference

Wow, this vacation is amazing! It is some time ago I was on vacation last time and I really needed this one! But before going out and enjoy the coming of the new year I have to take a shit - maybe the last one in this year! I am sure you want to join me, won't you...? Then come a little bit closer, open your mouth and let's start! I wish you a happy new year! :-D

Do you already know our sexy model Princess Nikki? No? Then you have to watch this clip and start experience the hot shitting action of her. She was eating the dinner and now her stomach is filled with so much stuff that there is only one way to unleash the pressure in there: Take a shit! And of course the shit eating slave agrees to do his job very soon - that's the only reason of his existence...!

Mistress Gaia
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