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Before these mistresses decided to degrade their slave further, they first of all made sure they publicly humiliated him. They made him walk naked and exposed his small weiner for every one to see. Then they made him lie down on the train tracks naked and they pissed and shit into his open mouth. They did not care who saw them. They just wanted to teach the guy a lesson.

This mistress is always interested in how she is having fun and not whether she is humiliating or having someone else lick her asshole or eat her shit. She likes the scat fetish for her. Not for a slave or a loser. That is why she likes to take close up photos and videos of herself shitting. They are so clear and so close up that you can see the pores on her ass' skin.

This mistress has a great ass. But she also has a weird fetish. She has a poo fetish and likes to take POV videos of herself shitting

This mistress had diarrhea. She did not care about her health status. She wanted her slave to eat her shit like gravy

This mistress called her friends and let them watch her go hard on this slave. They were surprised when she shit into his mouth but they enjoyed it

This mistress was mad. And the slave knew that if she slept mad, it would be worse the following morning. He made her punish him and she shit on his face

This mistress at a mixture of different kinds of food so that she could see how her poop would like. She did this several times and liked the results

This mistress was new at scat fetish but it does not appear so when you see what she did to this slave. She tied him up cruelly and had fun shitting into his mouth

Wow, this is really hard to believe! But the slave was so keen that I had to serve him some more scat. I didn't want to wait him any longer and so I lowered my hot ass above his head, ordered him to open his mouth - and started shitting right into it! I'm mistress Isabella - and I show no mercy! So finally it was a happy end - at least for me...! *g*

Do you want to have a quickie? Do you like it fast and intensive? Then this clip is exactly the one you will need! Mistress Gaia will shit for you - and she will shit fast! You can watch her beautiful crap coming out of her delicious asshole very fast. And of course you are allowed to clean her butt too! So better be very fast buying this clip too...!!

Mistress Gaia
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