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Our pregnant best friend is very interested in all kinds of stuff. We told her that it is so much fun to use a human toilet and shit right into the mouth of such a useless pig - and she wanted to try it out herself! The human toilet is fed with our shit every day - but the pregnant girl's shit seems to be something special! Not only her stomach is big - the scat sausage coming out of her asshole is very big too!

This stupid idiot! He really needs some more training! So I brought my toilet slave to Miss Flower and hoped that she can train him well. She is a very dominant and sadistic mistress! She doesn't like jokes - and so the slave has a tough time! While she enjoys sitting and shitting right into his mouth she also crushes his small and useless dick! I'm sure the slave learnt a lot after this session...!

Do you already know our sexy model Princess Nikki? No? Then you have to watch this clip and start experience the hot shitting action of her. She was eating the dinner and now her stomach is filled with so much stuff that there is only one way to unleash the pressure in there: Take a shit! And of course the shit eating slave agrees to do his job very soon - that's the only reason of his existence...!

The human toilet slave will be used first time. He is a little bit excited but the ladies will take care of him very soon... They are still eating some nice stuff - and some time later they have to take a shit! Now it is the time to check his shit eating abilities! They are not so sure that he can handle the shit of three ladies but they will try it anyway! This is only the beginning - lot of more shit will follow every day from now on...!

This toilet slave is a really poor guy! He has to lay down on the ground and eat lot of shit of five sexy ladies! Here you can see the start of the action. The first girl sits down on the toilet chair and the slave already awaits his shitting mistress. But this girl is unbelievable! She shits a VERY long sausage right into his mouth! Not sure how long this piece of shit really was - but more than a half meter is more than realistic! Just watch the clip and find out yourself!

Mistress Gaia
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