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Dominant Scat Mistresses and their human toilets.

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This couple had an extreme bet. Whoever won would do anything he or she wanted to the other. This mistress won it and she made her boyfriend eat her poop

These lesbians had had fun with their pussies for a long time. They were curious of their asses and they decided to try a scat fetish. They pooped and smeared it all over their bodies

This mistress had taken a sweet meal the previous night and she wondered how the shit would look like. So she shit on the floor and then studied the shit

When it comes to being extreme, no one can take the crown from this mistress. She inserted shit into her pussy and had fun pushing it out

Alexa watched a child poop on himself and she wondered what it would feel like if she did. She then pooped on herself and played with her shit

Lady Milena wants to be known as the best mistress when it comes to scat fetishes. To prove a point, she took her slave and degraded him by using him as her ashtray and shitting into his mouth

When Sandy said that she likes macho men. This guy wanted to pretend to be one to her so he could fuck her. She wanted him to eat her shit and he agreed. But it was degrading!

Jae is a sexy mistress. She's fly and all but she has a dirty little secret. She likes poop and she enjoys playing with it. Actually, she likes to shit on herself

What do you think...? Do you really believe that we are interested in YOUR feelings...? That's pathetic!! We want thing only: Fun! And we have lot of fun if you are going to do whatever we want you to do... especially when you do some very nasty and disgusting things - like eating our shit! :-D Don't try to resist - because we will force you to do so! There will be NO escape, you are helpless now...! And be honest: That's exactly what you like, loser...!!!

Do you like dominant girls...? Of course you do! And I'm sure you also like shit! Otherwise you wouldn't be here, would you...!? so watch carefully! Because Lady Amira is a very special girl! She has soo much shit inside her ass that it is hard to believe that she filled the whole plate with it - but she did! The shit is very big! Now it's your time... come and eat everything from the plate, stupid shit eater!!

Mistress Gaia
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