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Dominant Scat Mistresses and their human toilets.

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This is Tina's second shit clip ever! The day before she started to record her shitting and now you can see her improvement! Her stomach has produced a very thin and long sausage which flows out of her asshole now - right into the mouth of the stupid human toilet! He has to open his mouth wide to handle such a huge amount of shit! But he better do a good job - or he will be punished soon...!

This is an unbelievable shitastic collection! Here you can get three hot shitting BBW girls for one LOW price! The girls love to shit into the mouth of their black slave and he has to handle their shit! With lot of crazy chewing and shit eating! There is no other place to get so many fat butts for such a low price! Don't hesitate any longer and get your own shit dose - NOW!

Mistress Gaia is a very sexy mistress. Her face is beautiful and you can only guess who she is. But of course the rest of her body is also sexy! She looks like a goddess! And you have the privilege to watch her shitting in her own pantyhose! She spreads the shit on her hot ass. The divine butt of Mistress Gaia looks so amazing with so much scat covering it...! Don't miss this hot show!

Of course the slave has to do whatever the girls tell him. If the girls want to eat in a very luxurious restaurant - he will pay their bills! But this is not the end of the story! After some time the girls have to take a shit and bring out the delicious food again. Now it's time for the slave to taste some of the stuff too! He has to be their human toilet - and eat their shit!

Mistress Gaia
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