Femdom Scat Mistress

Dominant Scat Mistresses and their human toilets.

To make sure that their relationship never went stale, this husband and wife decided to try out different fetishes together. The mistress decided to have them try shit fetish first. She undressed and shit on a paper and gave him to eat. It was hard at first but she got used to it and she enjoyed making him eat her poop as well as drinking his pee. It was lots of fun.

This mistress knows she does not have the best body but she has needs and has to meet them. She decided to try a shit fetish and although it was weird at first, she decided to go ahead with it. She started to see the fruits when people started liking her videos and photos of herself shitting or making a slave eat or lick her shit. She go recognized like that.

Lady Milena is the queen of humiliation and degradation. She does not spare anyone she wants to humiliate. She has no preference. She is just ok with whatever it is her mind wants to do for the day. Today she felt like using her scat fetish skills. That is what exactly she did when she humiliated and degraded her slave to eat her shit and swallow all that smelly and stinky shit

This slave was always used to heavy breakfasts and other great meals. But because he has not been behaving well and doing his work on time and giving out the best work, the mistress decided to show him what the consequences of his actions were. She called her friend and they shit into plates and pissed into glasses and served them with their order. They were done and went away to drink.

This mistress is great at seeking revenge. She rarely makes enemies but if someone becomes her enemy, that person is in for it. She never rests till she has gotten her revenge. She trampled this enemy's cock with her feet before she shit into his face and shoved it down her throat. She also slapped the crap out of him. When she was done, she was satisfied with what she had done.

Mistress Gaia was feeling naughty. Whenever she felt that, she knew she had to do something to make it all ok. So she decided to go on with her scat fetish. She went to the toilet and locked herself. She started to shit and enjoyed the feeling. But recorded herself doing it and it felt naughtier. She loved it and did it till she could not do it any more.

This mistress is hot and knows it. She knows many men are after her ass and she does not let anyone tap it for less than she knows it is worth. Today she wanted to make this guy an offer. If he managed to endure all she threw at him, she would fuck his brains out. He agreed and had to endure the mistress shitting on his face and making him swallow it.

Before these mistresses decided to degrade their slave further, they first of all made sure they publicly humiliated him. They made him walk naked and exposed his small weiner for every one to see. Then they made him lie down on the train tracks naked and they pissed and shit into his open mouth. They did not care who saw them. They just wanted to teach the guy a lesson.

This mistress is always interested in how she is having fun and not whether she is humiliating or having someone else lick her asshole or eat her shit. She likes the scat fetish for her. Not for a slave or a loser. That is why she likes to take close up photos and videos of herself shitting. They are so clear and so close up that you can see the pores on her ass' skin.

Jae loves shit more than anyone else. She likes to play to video tape herself shitting and then masturbating to those videos

Mistress Gaia
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