Femdom Scat Mistress

Dominant Scat Mistresses and their human toilets.

This mistress at a mixture of different kinds of food so that she could see how her poop would like. She did this several times and liked the results

Madame Bizarre like her name suggests, is bizarre. She made her slave go on all fours and sat on him then made him suck shit out of her asshole

Alexa went an extra mile with her scat fetish. She collected her shit and when it had accumulated in her bathtub, she sat in it and smeared it on herself

This mistress loves shitting because it feels sweet. But she was also horny. So she decided to do both and have sweetness from both openings

Isabella is a sadistic mistress. She does not care about her slaves and the pain and misery she puts them through like when she shits into their mouths and orders them to swallow

These college students wanted to make more money. They came across scat fetish and it seemed like something they could try. They tried it and it was fun. But the money was slow in coming in

This couple had an extreme bet. Whoever won would do anything he or she wanted to the other. This mistress won it and she made her boyfriend eat her poop

These lesbians had had fun with their pussies for a long time. They were curious of their asses and they decided to try a scat fetish. They pooped and smeared it all over their bodies

It is bad enough to be degraded, but it is even worse when it is two mistresses. This loser was supposed to be beaten up but the mistresses decided to instead shit and pee on him

This mistress did not have food to give her slave. But she felt like shitting. She got an idea to feed him shit and that is what she did

Mistress Gaia
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