Femdom Scat Mistress

Dominant Scat Mistresses and their human toilets.

Our camera woman has a sexy girlfriend. Of course she heard about the shit action and now she wants to try it out too! The only thing she needs to know is that the slave on the ground is a fat ass loser and that he deserves nothing else - only a big load of shit on his head! Knowing this she doesn't hesitate any longer and starts to unload her shit on his stupid face...!

The human toilet slave will be used first time. He is a little bit excited but the ladies will take care of him very soon... They are still eating some nice stuff - and some time later they have to take a shit! Now it is the time to check his shit eating abilities! They are not so sure that he can handle the shit of three ladies but they will try it anyway! This is only the beginning - lot of more shit will follow every day from now on...!

Do you want to have a quickie? Do you like it fast and intensive? Then this clip is exactly the one you will need! Mistress Gaia will shit for you - and she will shit fast! You can watch her beautiful crap coming out of her delicious asshole very fast. And of course you are allowed to clean her butt too! So better be very fast buying this clip too...!!

Wow, this girl looks amazing! She has a very sexy body! And you are allowed to be her human toilet! You will get her divine shit and you have to eat everything! After the dinner she cannot hold it any longer and has to visit you. She tells you to open your mouth wide so she can shit direct into it! It is a very long and big load of shit - but you have to handle it...!

This is Tina's second shit clip ever! The day before she started to record her shitting and now you can see her improvement! Her stomach has produced a very thin and long sausage which flows out of her asshole now - right into the mouth of the stupid human toilet! He has to open his mouth wide to handle such a huge amount of shit! But he better do a good job - or he will be punished soon...!

This is an unbelievable shitastic collection! Here you can get three hot shitting BBW girls for one LOW price! The girls love to shit into the mouth of their black slave and he has to handle their shit! With lot of crazy chewing and shit eating! There is no other place to get so many fat butts for such a low price! Don't hesitate any longer and get your own shit dose - NOW!

Mistress Gaia is a very sexy mistress. Her face is beautiful and you can only guess who she is. But of course the rest of her body is also sexy! She looks like a goddess! And you have the privilege to watch her shitting in her own pantyhose! She spreads the shit on her hot ass. The divine butt of Mistress Gaia looks so amazing with so much scat covering it...! Don't miss this hot show!

Of course the slave has to do whatever the girls tell him. If the girls want to eat in a very luxurious restaurant - he will pay their bills! But this is not the end of the story! After some time the girls have to take a shit and bring out the delicious food again. Now it's time for the slave to taste some of the stuff too! He has to be their human toilet - and eat their shit!

This toilet slave is a really poor guy! He has to lay down on the ground and eat lot of shit of five sexy ladies! Here you can see the start of the action. The first girl sits down on the toilet chair and the slave already awaits his shitting mistress. But this girl is unbelievable! She shits a VERY long sausage right into his mouth! Not sure how long this piece of shit really was - but more than a half meter is more than realistic! Just watch the clip and find out yourself!

This is a very personal shit clip. The two scat girls Kimi Cat and and Domi Cat filmed the clip and had a lot of fun! At the beginning Kimi Cat is behind the cam and Domi Cat is the one who pisses and shits on the disgusting slave. Then the two scat cat girls change position and her sis starts to shit right into his mouth! Some vomit is also included!

Mistress Gaia
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