Femdom Scat Mistress

Dominant Scat Mistresses and their human toilets.

Isabella was asked by her friend to punish her slave. She made her lie down and used her as a human toilet

This mistress has a great ass. But she also has a weird fetish. She has a poo fetish and likes to take POV videos of herself shitting

Alexa is not like many scat queens. She likes to play with her shit. Other mistresses like to degrade slaves and losers with their shit

Tina was a first timer in scat fetish. But she humiliated her slave so perfectly you would be forgiven to think that he was not a first timer

This mistress had diarrhea. She did not care about her health status. She wanted her slave to eat her shit like gravy

Mistress Gaia wanted to piss on her slave, but she ended up shitting on him instead. It was great nonetheless

This has to be one of the worst punishments ever. Besides being whipped and tied up cruelly, this slave was also shit on and humiliated by his mistress.

This mistress called her friends and let them watch her go hard on this slave. They were surprised when she shit into his mouth but they enjoyed it

This mistress was mad. And the slave knew that if she slept mad, it would be worse the following morning. He made her punish him and she shit on his face

Lady Milena was curious about how shit was when she ate something. She made her slave taste it every time she shit and tell him the difference

Mistress Gaia
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